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Columbus, Ohio’s ODIOUS

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     A wave of rap, rock and metal ricochet outside the doors. On stage inside is the apocalyptic wholesomeness of Columbus, Ohio’s Odious.  Forming April 20, 2002, Odious has encaptured the city and surrounding areas with a gravitating force streaming with a steady fan base. 

     The line up of Josh Odious (vocals, percussion), Na-Nate / Cid Gage (vocals, samples), Damion (guitar), Emmitt / Animal (drums), and Bildo (bass) has made this “fuckin’ rockin’ ass metal” group pure through “lots of promotion and Mary Jane.”  Hoping to ultimately expire from their “crappy jobs,” Odious aims to achieve goals above average expectations to continue “playing music and travel around the country” with plans to expose their force nationally. 

     With inspiration found in “Mushroomhead, Tool, Hed (pe), Dr. Dre, Pantera and Hieroglyphics,” Odious is sure to please any fan of metal, hip-hop, funk, old skool rock, and punk.  The unit has expanded since their 2002 debut at Illusions’ “The Monsters of Metal” on 161 by hosting and headlining numerous festivals including their own annual Josh Odious’ 420 Birthday Bash. 

     When you stop to check out Odious, pick up their solid full length Paranoid Productions release, A Chronic Dissorder.  It’s an essential to drive around with your windows down and blast “Lord of the Bling,” “Dead Girls,” and “Chruch Bells” all summer long. Once you go Odious, you’ll never go back.     

*This article is an archive.  Changes have been made to the aforementioned lineup.

Written, Photography By Neil Shumate as published in Out Of The Blue, Copyright OOTB Publications, 2007     


Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

December 14, 2007 at 10:21 pm

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