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Headchange: Heavy Sexy Rock

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     In the last 8 months I’ve had the opportunity to attend a good 35 concerts, many of them being unsigned original rock bands from around central Ohio. Naming a favorite is unfair, and honestly, impossible for me, but one of my top four is absolutely HEADCHANGE. I had the chance to sit down with all four members of the original rock band from Columbus, Ohio before a show recently, and they gave me some feedback on what keeps the Headchange machine rolling. I could use my writing skills to put their words into a nicely structured, multiple paragraph story form, but I think it reads easier in a standard Q/A format, soooo:

Member names?
Jonathan Ayala; Vocals/Keys
Chris Martin; Guitar/Vocals
Josh Sharp; Bass/Vocals
Brett Counts; Drums

What’s in your CD player right now?
Clutch, Underoath, Bullet for my Valentine, Metallica, Fear Factory,

How did the band name originate?
(Quick; jokingly/sarcastic answer: We saw a cereal while in Mexico called Headchange Flakes, and we liked it)
Jonathan came up wih it… No real reason or story behind it.

How did the band form?
(Quick; jokingly/sarcastic answer: We all met through personal adds in the back of The Other Paper.)
The band was a three piece originally, and then they added Josh last, which really opened more doors and changed the sound to what it is now. A much heavier, diverse sound with four members. As they call it, HEAVY/SEXY/KILL/ROCK!

Explain the writing process a bit?
Each member has 100% influence on the music. It starts with a riff, and everyone molds around it. Lyrics are written secondary to the sound in nearly every song. We practice about three times a week, and every member has a full time job outside of the band.

So, how long does a track take to be laid down? Are there tweaks being made constantly?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Every track is being played with CONSTANTLY, to hopefully become greater than it currently is, every time we pick up our instruments. We’re scheduled to record some new songs in three days, and there are still lines of lyrics that we haven’t even began to write.

Does your music have a goal or primary aim for listeners and concert goers?
Just to connect with a WIDE array of listeners, but the songs arent’ written for any specific group. We like to rock, love what we play, and love to look out and see people dance, and FIGHT in the same set.

Anything else you guys would like to add? Funny stories, etc?
A new album is in the works, going in the same direction, same sound as the first, but more EPIC, more breakdowns….
We have two music videos on our myspace.com/headchange. (director is Peter Sobat)
Working with Music Mob Management, the record is being shopped to the labels
Major bands played with; b4mv- flaw, static x, silent civilian, in this moment, walls of jericho (favorite was b4mv)
DVD coming soon, look forward to gummy bears up the nostrils and then consumed by someone else, and other hijinx from road trips—
After writing and recording a full album, not @ all @ a loss for new material, if they had to record today there would be MORE than another albums worth – which is very exciting to them.
And… Jon has bad gas on the road, and will never use wireless microphones for fear of having no clue what to with his left hand.

Last but certainly not least MAD respect to ANY ORB out there. Other than coverbands, of course.

     The little joking comments that I left in the question responses sum this band up most. They’re all young adults who play instruments, but in reality are still kids trapped in older bodies. They absolutely love to play music, and play it together. The chemistry on stage is more evident with this foursome than any other OBR I’ve ever watched. I said that it would be impossible to name a favorite, but I come close to naming Headchange, simply because of the effort they put forth. I’ve watched their packed house CD release party, and with the high energy in the room, any band would have a great time on stage and put forth energy matching that of the concert goers around them. But a show in the cold winter months about 60 miles north in Marion, Ohio one evening, had virtually zero people watching their set, yet they still played with he energy of a national talent playing a sold out stadium. I respect these guys soooo much for playing the same way, with the same effort, no matter how many people are watching.

Headchange PWNS.


Written By Matt Monnette as published in Out Of The Blue, Copyright, Out Of The Blue Publications, 2007


Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

December 14, 2007 at 8:25 pm

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