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Central Ohio’s VOLUME DEALER

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When and how was the band formed?
Well, Volume Dealer was formed in the spring of 2004. Billy Payne’s band Leveled and Eric McGuire’s and Chris Owens’ band Inverted Core had both disbanded. Eric approached Billy to see if he wanted to pursue a new project with him and Chris. Later in the spring, Joe Dameron formerly of MeTimesTen joined in on bass and Volume Dealer was formed. Then, of course, Matt Bowden was added about a year later when his band Undivided broke up.
Where did the name come from and the speaker logo?
The name actually came from a good friend of ours Jared Mauer (Black Mountain Creeper, Thumpfluid) – we were sitting around at some bar trying to think of names and he said Volume Dealer… it was the first name that we heard that caught our attention. It actually comes from a C.O.C. (Corrosion Of Conformity) album called America’s Volume Dealer. The Speaker logo just kinda seemed like it fit. I mean – what deals volume more than a speaker right?? Plus, it looked cool.

Influences for this band?
There is a wide variety of influences, everything from old school rap to hardcore metal. The band itself prolly models itself more in the Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Sevendust vein. We like to write music that is exciting to listen to with catchy hooks and melodies with cool harmonies.

Most memorable show?
The Rock to Remember show at The Newport in Jan. of 2005. Eric, who works at The Blitz coordinated with The Promowest guys and helped put together the show. It was prolly one of the most well attended local shows at The Newport in quite some time. The radio station pitched in and got a lot of memorabilia autographed and donated to raise money for the 2 local guys, Erin Halk and Nathan Bray that were killed at The Alrosa. That show raised over $20,000 for them and the vibe in there that night was incredible, there was so much support and love, it was a great feeling just being there and getting to headline that show really meant a lot to us.

Hardest time of the band?
Well, that would definitely be in 2004 at the Alrosa. We share that hard time with many great friends. It is not something that you forget.

CD news?
We have a CD ready to be recorded. We have about 12 songs that we are preparing for an upcoming release. We are in the midst of replacing our drummer, which actually comes at a good time because nothing is recorded yet and we will be able to recode the new CD with our new guy. We are really excited and it can’t come fast enough, the new stuff is hookier, and more intelligent. The Addition of Matt Bowden on guitar has definitely made an impact on the bands musical direction.

What direction is the band heading?

Hopefully up. We are dedicated to getting this put back together and coming out next year stronger than ever. We will have a new sound and a new sense of who we are. We are looking forward to this new motivation that we have. We will be traveling a lot and trying to spread out as much as possible.Any leads on the drummer search?
Yes, we have a few guys interested. We are auditioning right now – there is one guy a little ahead of the rest and hopefully he will work out. But nothing official yet. We will definitely keep everyone posted. As soon as we know who our guy is we will let everyone know!

Interview By Josh “Sixner” Davis as published in Out Of The Blue, Copyright, Out Of The Blue Publications, 2007

Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

December 14, 2007 at 8:32 pm

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