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     Ready to take on the world with explicit fist pumping, intense, edgy, explosive rock is XFactor1.  The Columbus, Ohio based band has had a share of changes since their late 2004 formation, but they are now stronger than ever.  QBall, the only original XFactor1 member and current lead vocalist, was originally the guitarist. QBall previously joined current XFactor1 members Willie Jive (bass) and Sicky (drums) in a former project called SupaFreak.  Prior to that, QBall worked with XFactor1 guitarist Odin from another band.  The proficient combination of friends and the most recent addition of Smoke as second guitarist have completed their concrete lineup. 

     With plenty of experience, QBall shared what it takes to maintain a tight unit in the ever changing local scene: “Sacrifice and unselfishness.  A ton of desire!  The reason we’ve had a number of lineup changes is because guys think they know what it takes to be in a serious pro-minded band, and then they get what I call the ‘rude awakening.’  It takes a lot of promotion, dedication, skill and hard work to be a solid band out there competing for the fans, time and support.  Some guys crumble from laziness or lack of ambition.  I know hard work equates to success.  I can sleep when I’m dead.” 

    As far as influences and heroes, QBall noted Dimebag, James Hatfield as an amazing songwriter, Tony Iommi, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Deftones, KSE, and White Zombie to name a few.  The band produces an amazing live sound that carries with it a substantial fan base that many times over has grabbed the attention of promoters resulting in live sets alongside Dope, Mushroomhead, Nonpoint, Sworn Enemy, Megadeth, Sepultura, and more recently Lacuna Coil.  Not only do these guys work hard on the stage, they also work hard off stage with steady jobs.  Odin is an aeronautic engineer, Willie owns a moving business, Smoke a painting business, Sicky is a waterproofing company supervisor, and QBall owns a property investment company.  QBall added, “We all have massive amounts of kids.  Hell I alone have nine babies from nine different mamas!  Odin has kiddos in Japan.  Willie gets regularly checked for rabies and so do his puppy offspring.” 

     Last year XFactor1 released Something Inside with six tracks that capture the band’s full ability to tear it up.  XFactor1 is currently in the studio mixing and producing a live CD recorded from an AlRosa Villa show that will have four bonus studio tracks of new music from the current lineup.  XFactor1 also has two tracks on the movie soundtrack for Code Black scheduled for release in June along with a featured spot on the Biker Boyz stunt/trick DVD due out in May.  QBall broke the news of a possible spot on a major national summer tour:  “Our main band sponsor Jagermeister is a big part of the Ozzfest sponsorship this year so we may get a spot at the August 8, 2007 show.  We’re still waiting to hear more on that soon.” 

     Until then, watch out for those flying X’s in the air.  QBall concluded, “I wanna give a MAD MAD LOVE shout out to the XNation—the people who support us, the fans who make it happen.  We are stronger together than we are alone.  XNation…RISE!!”

Written By Neil Shumate as published in Out Of The Blue, Copyright OOTB Publications ’07

Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

December 14, 2007 at 10:59 pm

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