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Fatkid Dodgeball

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Making waves on a national level in just a few days is Columbus’ own Fat Kid Dodgeball. The band has recently obtained a new drummer, and their single will be featured on MTV’s series Laguna Beach on 9/13. I had the opportunity to have a phone conversation with the guys on their most recent success.Tell me about Your New Drummer?I played in a band called Red Wanting Blue and I played all around Ohio and the Midwest with those guys. I’ve been playing in bands for the last six years, but just recently came back to Columbus 5 weeks ago. It’s like a whole new scene to me again.What’s your position with MTV 2’s On the Rise?It puts the power in the fan’s hands. We didn’t hear about it until late in the game, but once we got it going, we managed to become number 3, and are currently climbing. What’s your involvement with Rock Me TV?Manager Kim Williams states: Rock ME TV has named Fat Kid Dodgeball as the band to break. Fat Kid Dodgeball is going to be involved in the launch of Rock Me TV. They will be featured on the launch party, as well as headline the tour for the New York, Cleveland and Columbus show dates.Once you break into the mainstream, who are you hoping to play with?All of us have different influences, but I would be interested in playing with Fall Out Boy. While our styles differ, our stage shows and energy are similar quotes Frank. Pott states Foo Fighters. The band would also like to mix with Guns N Roses or Bon Jovi. Not to mention The Simpson Sisters.How long have you been together?FKDB started four years ago. Where did the name come from?That’s always the favorite question. Potts came up with a list of band names and no offense to Potts, but some of them were pretty awful. When I was at OSU one of my roommates hooked up with this girl and he was leaving to go to work and we were all kind of hung over and hanging out when he swung his head around the door and said, “If she wakes up, tell her I’m out like a Fat Kid in Dodgeball.” Outside of the Rock Me TV tour what are your plans?Right now we’re going to do some rehearsing, writing, and booking for winter tours.Is there an album out currently or plans for one?We’re sitting on an album right now. It’s on hold right now with the departure of our drummer. We plan to go to the studio and re record some stuff and hope to put out something this winter.Do you have any thoughts or advice for bands still trying to achieve success?The only thing I can say is just stick with it. It’s hard to keep a band happy and together. Let alone be on the road, write and play the songs. It’s a matter of just wanting it more than anything. After all a bad day with a band is better than spending it in an office, its better than doing anything else. Being in a band is like being married to three people all at once and it’s something you have to work at a lot and you really have to sacrifice yourself to make it work. Is it worth it?Absolutely!What’s the craziest thing that’s happened so far?We did a show in Dayton in December and at about 1:30 in the morning without sleeping we drove straight in the night to New York and we got a flat tire in Pennsylvania and were really cutting it for time. We finally got to New York and an hour before we were scheduled to play, our lead singer lost his voice completely. It was like the domino effect, but we were able to pull it off.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Guns N Roses groupie stories yet.

Written By Erin Nye, Out Of The Blue Publications, Copyright OOTB

Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

January 5, 2008 at 5:29 pm

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