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With prominent focus on the negativity and brutality of society, it’s a challenge to form a positive vibe in the music business.  One band has conquered it!  Hangtime is the band to check out if you want to dispose of all the harshness.  Four friends put together this hardcore punk band that hit the streets of Columbus, Ohio, Delaware, Ohio and beyond in the fall of 2004. 

 Since the first live gig at Bernie’s in Columbus, Bryan/Edison (vocals), Kevin (guitar), Jimmy (guitar), Anthony (drums), and Nick (bass) have released a demo and full length album, Make It Happen.  Make It Happen was recorded just a few months ago at Ohio’s Electric Angle Studios with Grant.     

Hangtime just returned home from their first national tour (alongside Dayton, Ohio’s The Pledge) which kicked off in mid-June.  Nick took time out to tell us about the tour while in Georgia.  “Well, for starters we are traveling in a van with no trailer, except Kevin’s cab.  Edison pretty much put the whole tour together.  We are in GA right now, just got down playing at Sector 7g!  We only had to sleep in the van once so far, so that’s pretty nice.  People have been nice enough to let us stay in their house and feed us while we were there.  It’s just the five of us on the open road, and it’s really hard to get from place to place when some shows don’t turn out too good.” 

The band’s influences are innumerable.  Some include Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, xLooking Forwardx, and any fast, old style hardcore. Kevin mentioned his current favorites of Set It Straight, Under One Flag, Ceremony, Down To Nothing, and Sinking Ship to name a few.

As far as writing material, Kevin told us:  “Either Jimmy or I just come up with riffs then play them at practice for everyone.  Once we have the guitar parts written for a song, Anthony comes up with the drum tracks and so on.  Our way of writing is pretty simple, and we like it that way.” 

The future looks promising for this tight-knit band.  Kevin said, “We just want to keep doing shows.  If a label shows interest in us, great.  If not, it’s no big deal, we’ll still keep doing what we’ve been doing.” 

Outside of music, Hangtime just hangs out, skateboards, and sport their love of piercings and tattoos. 

At live shows, the dynamic preserving band primarily performs all original music. At a show you might hear the adrenaline pumping “Hangtime Hardcore” and “Respect.”  Hangtime is also working on a solid cover of some Judge songs and a Ten Yard Fight song. 

Using the internet to distribute music is becoming the easiest, cheapest way to be heard.  Kevin told us, “I love downloading.  I think too many artists get caught up in the money aspect and would rather just sell CD’s.  Sure, with downloading you might not make as much money, but is that really the point?!” 

Check out the Hangtime posi’s killer, energetic live shows that will be sure to make you jump up, sing along, and slam dance all night long!  “Keep a positive outlook/ keep a positive attitude/ make positive choices/ and we’ll make a positive change/ HANGTIME HARDCORE!”

Since this interview was conducted, Hangtime has disbanded.

Written By Neil Shumate, Out Of The Blue Publications, Copyright OOTB

Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

January 5, 2008 at 6:18 pm

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