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     From “Sleep,” and “Crashing,” to the prolific “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” Kikdown has gone through so much in there short life span as a band. If I told you that in around four years Kikdown has gone through a multitude of drummers, one break up, a few dozen songs, losing all their equipment in a van fire, and still remain amongst the best bands in central Ohio, would you believe me?

     Well strangely enough, it’s very true. Kikdown’s sound is a mix of melodic hardcore and emotionally charged fury. The band has had many influences over the years, such as the Deftones and Glassjaw. But all the members of the band sight the hardcore band Underoath as one of their major influences.

     “Underoath is the one band that truly has driven us in our music” Sherman, the bass player told me. “Underoath has helped influence us because like over the years, they have evolved with their music” is what Vince Collins the drummer told me. I asked the band how their breakup in 2002 helped them as a band, and how it hurt them?

     “The breakup mainly hurt our friendships. Friendships that had been long time things were put on hold” expressed Sherman. He went on to say “All though it hurt us that way, we learned to be friends first and a business second, which made us much tighter as a whole.” “Our sound is not completely new, but it has evolved to help us continue making fresh music. You know music nowadays doesn’t sound like music even 5 or 6 years ago. And we know that to make good music we have to grow and evolve.” The lead singer John Marquis told me.

     Kikdown have done one rough CD before that in my opinion was extremely good, but they are now working on a new CD that is very good as well. The one song I was privileged to hear was the song Standing on the shoulders of Giants. “The song is pretty much an ode to people before us. You know it’s our way of saying thanks to and acknowledging the ones who came before, because without them we wouldn’t be where we are in the world today, standing on their shoulders,” the band explained to me.

     Kikdown have played with quite a few local and regional bands including: Scene of the Crime, Mayivurupa, Citizen 18, 5 People, One Down and national acts like: Propain, Nonpoint, Bobaflex and most recently since their regrouping in September 2005, The Accident Experiment. They continue to work hard and love every second of it. Kikdown has a few shows coming up which you can check on in their myspace. Kikdown is now a four piece band minus their second guitarist from before the breakup. The band consists of Jon Marquis – Vocals, Billy Wilcox – Guitar, Vince Collins – Drums, Sherman – Bass

Written, Photography By Tony Rowe, Out Of The Blue Publications, Copyright OOTB

Http://www.myspace.com/kikdownreturns       “When I fall to sleep, I forced to use methods like counting sheep…”

Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

January 5, 2008 at 5:26 pm

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