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Project Defective Unknown

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Project Defective Unknown culminates a sense of style one could only believe to originate in the streets of New York or Detroit.  Who knew LaRue, Ohio could represent old school Wu Tang and Run D.M.C. combined with new school Kottonmouth Kings and ICP.  This rap duo with profound energetic talent graces the underground scene with incredible freestyle raps, catchy choruses, and danceable beats. 


In May 2006 two best friends, Thomas Montis (Nite Tha Grrness), 19, and Zac Tennar (SINthetichead3000),28, spent hours in Montis’ professional recording studio to dub tracks, sample, record, loop, warp and edit to perfection.  Montis takes on the roll of Berry Gordy Jr. producing the tracks to create incredible clarity in the ex-Thumpfluid recording studio, set up by Montis’ father.  Montis also records some spots on the tracks with background vocals.  Tennar writes the rhymes and perfects them to a create a smooth vibe reflecting his personal range of influences, including Public Enemy, Lords Of Acid, Mr. Lif and Nine Inch Nails.


An online interview with Zac opened the doors to Project Defective Unknown.

Following stories of depressive, drug related memories, we begin:


Me: So now you’re 28 and sober, minus a few beers here and there?

Zac:  That’s right.  I used philosophy to rebuild myself and my son Xavier was the seed.

Me:  Who do you study?

Zac: Eastern shit.  Thich Naht Hahn, The Dalia Lama. Anything Zen, Taoism, I Ching.  I mainly lean toward Taoism and Buddhism. 

Me: How do your past experiences influence your writing?

Zac:  What I write comes from a combination of personal, philosophical, and mildly political aspects.  I also find what I write to be good learning material.  I try to spread knowledge a bit, for people who have come from a life of hell much like I have.  I like to show people that one person can indeed bottom out completely, and then rebuild themselves from the inside out.  It’s all about acquiring knowledge and discovering yourself.

Me:  So when did you get into freestyle/ MCing?

Zac:  I used to run with a few black guys and they would always sit around and spit rhymes ‘n shit.  So one day I figured I’d give it a shot.  And when I did, mouths dropped, they was like, “what the fuck, damn nigga!”  So ever since then I knew I was on to something.

Me:  How did you and Grrness meet?

Zac:  We met at a Micki D’s.  We worked the graveyard shift and we’d spit rhymes at each other to pass the time.  Later on we found out that we both lived in the same town.

Me: When you rap do u freestyle over the beats, or write first, then the beats?

Zac:  Sometimes both.  I freestyle a few times prior to writing in order to get the feel down, and after that, it’s like a molding process but with words.

Me:  What’s your future goals with your music?

Zac:  Success!  I have so many ideas and so many songs written that I want turned into songs.  I have the stuff  I do with Grrness, and then solo ideas. 

Me:  So you guys don’t refrain from political correctness and vulgar language?

Zac:  No, we feel that obscenities are sometimes necessary to fully express what it is you wanna say.

Me:  Where do you think the music industry is going now?

Zac: A lot of music seems to be cloning itself.  You see numerous artists doing the same thing.  It sells like a product.  Most music has to meet these certain “requirements” so that it appeals to a young audience. 


Project Defective Unknown plans to release an album of music in the future, and maybe get some live gigs going.  Zac plans to do solo work on the side and is currently looking for a band to collaborate with on some tracks.  You can check out P.D.U. on myspace at www.myspace.com/defectiveunknown to hear “Samsara,” “Flawed,” and “Tha Forecast” as well as an in studio.

Since this interview, PDU has disbanded.

Written By Neil Shumate, Out Of The Blue Publications, Coypright OOTB

Photography By Elise Groff

Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

January 5, 2008 at 6:16 pm

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