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Scene Of The Crime

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A full throttle force of unstoppable syncopated power bass grooves, face-punching guitar slaps, smashing drum patterns, and energized vocals that could intimidate Chino’s harmonious tones and fracture the deep aggressive pitch of Killswtich’s Howard Jones—these are the sounds which reside in a mass senior citizen home called Marion, Ohio. 


Scene Of The Crime represents a new brand of hardcore with a well-experienced, talented five member lineup.  The individual experiences originated in ex-Marion bands Five People and Decliff.  Stan (drums) and Dustin (guitar) belonged to the late Decliff and Omar (bass) along with Kyle (guitar) were two of Five People.  Anthony (vocals) from Newark currently lives in Columbus and fits in tight with S.O.T.C.’s August, 2005 formation. 


The origin of the band’s name was put in the hands of Anthony (Alien Robot God).  “It just sounded kinda cool and I love sci-fi and horror films.  It’s about the struggle for mankind, and it fits well.”  The lyrics of “Crucial” display the horror film interest:  “No matter where you run to, we will find you/ the nightmare is real, the realization hits you.” 


As a group, Sevendust is a big influence.  Eleven-year experienced drummer Stan admires 36 Crazyfists and Deftones.  Dustin is influenced by Pantera and Killswitch.  Anthony laughed and said he actually likes Coheed and Cambria, even though the rest of the band might disagree!  Anthony added, “The real stuff, the good stuff, is local.  Local stuff is where it’s at.”


Despite the impact of national acts on style, S.O.T.C performs all original material.  The band writes and learns together through trial and error.  Dustin said, “every time you turn on the radio it all sounds the same.  You gotta be unique.  We’re true to ourselves, it’s all original.”    


Outside of music S.O.T.C.’s Omar jumps on a motorcycle while other members enjoy the solitude of a video game, watching zombie movies, or just kicking back and relaxing.  However, the primary focus resides in the band.  The dedication brings the members together every week to practice and maintain their tight unit to blow it up on stage. 


Witnessing a live set will further prove the band’s musical capabilities.  Anthony, sporting a trademark black outfit with a phantom of the opera bandanna shielding his left eye, works up the audience by jumping off stage and touring the venue while maintaining heavy-melodic vocal clarity.  Dustin and Kyle communicate an even structured bouncing- off-each-other guitar effect, while Omar grooves the thick pounding bass riffs.  A non electronic drum machine is powered by Stan with a mutually energized connection.                                    


Marion’s Scene Of The Crime will please any fan of talented musicianship.  With a demo recorded at John Schwab studios in Columbus and performing over eight live shows a month, the band is achieving the due rites of passage in time.

Written, Photography By Neil Shumate, Out Of The Blue Publications, Copyright OOTB




Written by Out Of The Blue Publications

January 5, 2008 at 6:08 pm

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